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4 Ways To Deal With Difficult People

Regrettably, there’s no escaping difficult people who are argumentative or negative. They are everywhere; at family gatherings, at our children’s soccer games, in the work place, and on the highways. We cannot control the behavior of other people – including the difficult ones. What we can control is how we choose to react to such people.

1. Don’t allow yourself to be baited. Sometimes other people are at an unhappy place in their lives, and want to bring others into the same negative place with them. (more…)

Eileen Lenson

8 Ways to Prepare for the Empty Nest

The time comes, usually when one’s children reach 18 years of age, when parents are faced with the reality of the children moving out of the home. Some parents look forward to that day. After all, the teenage years are often filled with arguments, raging hormones, power struggles and family disharmony. For these parents, the idea of peace in the home is a welcome respite. However, other parents are not ready to face the reality of the children they have nurtured, loved and cared so deeply for over the previous 18 years to be moving out of the family home.

Lovingly let them go explore. Recognize that they are at a stage in their lives in which they can now truly begin to explore who they are. To do so means to establish some distance from the parents. Yes, distancing from the very same parents who tended to every playground injury, drove carpool to school, soccer games and art class, planned birthday party after birthday party, and worried about drugs, driving and dating. (more…)

Eileen Lenson