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Eileen Lenson, MSW, ACSW, Board Certified Coach, known for her commitment to her clients, comes to Life and Business Coaching with an expansive combination of education, clinical training, and experience in the field of psychology. She holds a Masters degree in Clinical Social Work, and prior to becoming a Professional Life Coach, was a practicing psychotherapist for over 20 years. She has authored the book, Succeeding in Private Practice: A Business Guide for Psychotherapists, written a chapter in the book, Grief and Bereavement in Contemporary Society, and was a columnist for numerous newspapers and magazines in Arizona, Texas and California.

Her broad based experience comes from past appearances as a frequent radio guest on call-in programs, being an invited speaker at national and international conferences, and teaching ethics at George Washington University. In her private practice she worked with individuals, couples, families and groups, where she was well respected for her ability to guide clients to make good decisions, and improve their problem solving skills.

Adept at addressing unmet needs, Lenson developed programs that did not previously exist. She worked with public schools by addressing at-risk teenagers, with an adoption agency helping birth mothers who had relinquished their newborns, and an assisted living facility in helping the new residents adjust to a new life change. She developed and led support groups for parents who suffered the loss of a child, for couples going through a divorce, and for teens with social adjustment problems.

Eileen Lenson found that clients who had completed therapy often came back months or years later when a new issue arose. She kiddingly coined these appointments as ‘1,000 mile check-ups’. She realized that people returned because they wanted an objective, trained and trusted individual to consult with and guide them through a new personal or professional issue. These new sessions transitioned to life coaching. These clients were no longer looking into their past for an understanding of why they were making bad or potentially damaging decisions, but were focused more on growth and development going forward. People both locally and from across the country continued to seek her out for professional guidance.

Eileen’s professional training from graduate school, sitting on Boards, community and hospital ethics committees, forensic expert testimony, working over two decades in medical and psychiatric hospitals, and having an active private practice in three states and Washington, D.C., provides her with the skills and experience necessary to be able to coach people desiring personal growth and development.

As a Life Coach, Eileen recognizes that the vast majority of people wanting guidance from a trained individual require someone with the proper professional training to help them advance and make good decisions. She works with each client, either individual or in business, to clearly identify and define their needs and goals, and then develops a plan of action with them. Through Eileen’s structured yet supportive sessions, assigned homework, readings, and interactive exercises, clients are able to accomplish more insight and personal growth, and more personal satisfaction, in a shorter period of time, than they would be able to on their own.

Currently, Eileen writes a column entitled “Life According to Lenson” for the Canyon 90210, Canyon News and San Francisco Newspapers. She leads women’s personal growth groups and conducts private coaching sessions.

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A must read for anyone contemplating a private practice.