Business Coaching With Lenson

My focus as a Business Coach is to help my clients attain their optimum potential by providing an objective evaluation and pursuing a results driven agenda. In my 20 years as a psychotherapist and 10 years as a life coach, I have developed the ability to hear the ‘question being asked behind the question’, and to identify the ‘real issue behind the stated problem’. My advanced training in psychology enables me to ask the best questions that will expand my client’s thinking. These targeted discussions enable me to help my clients achieve their goals and resolve their problems in a shorter period of time because we are results focused and not pursuing the wrong issue.

My goal as a Business Coach is to help my clients develop positive and lasting outcomes by identifying personal and professional obstacles that stand in the way of accomplishing their business growth.

While I work with each client to identify their unique needs and goals, I find that my focus is typically on helping clients develop insights, build skills, and learn new behaviors that will increase their level of functioning at work. Professional development is a self-driven process, which best occurs through developing insight.

I coach business owners and employees on methods to improve communication, conflict resolution, problem solving and listening skills. I help clients learn how to use their strengths to reduce stress while increasing time management skills. For others, I help them discover how to put the passion back in their job.

In my Business Coaching I offer support so that goals are achieved, and encourage growth through selected recommended resources. I provide motivation for change by providing accountability as well as assistance with brainstorming.

I am committed to my clients and offer flexible coaching schedules tailored to individual needs and preferences. Typically, sessions include a mixture of face-to-fact sessions supported by telephone contacts. For clients out of town or traveling, telephone contacts are often preferred, allowing coaching sessions to continue uninterrupted.

My clients often find that the personal development experienced in the workplace transfers to other areas of their lives, resulting in an enhanced level of happiness at home as well as at work.

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