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I come to the field of Life and Business Coaching with experience exceeding that of many in the field. There are countless Coaches. Yet there are few professional Life and Business Coaches with advanced degrees, who are a Board Certified Coach (BCC), who come to coaching having helped hundreds of individuals build insights, motivation, personal accomplishments, and ultimately, satisfying lives.

I recognize that in the past, you made the best decisions that you could, but that you didn’t always have the best selection of options available to you. You might have labeled those mis-steps as ‘mistakes’. I see them as opportunities to help you learn the skills required to succeed, develop the confidence to make new decisions and make changes so your goals are realistic and achieved.

I can help you eliminate self-defeating outlooks on life and provide you with more productive and satisfying options in how to think, act and feel. This will result in the opportunity to break through the roadblocks in the areas of your life being addressed.

My training and experience provide me with the awareness of psychosocial issues that impact on people, the skills necessary to assess each of my client’s unique circumstances, and the capability to develop effective goal planning.

My ability to develop successful outcomes with clients comes from my knowledge of systems – familial, cultural, social systems (academic, health, and religious), medical, employment – spheres in which all people live.

In addition to direct work with clients, my sessions are complimented by training and insights gathered from reading, continuing education, and consultations.
Many of the techniques I use in my Personal/Life Coaching applies to my Business Coaching. I work as a change agent in helping my clients achieve their optimum potential. Typically this involves building strategies for sustained behavioral changes, including improving their listening and communication skills, learning win-win methods of staff conflict resolution, stress and time management, and addressing feelings of burnout. Benefits learned for the workplace typically transfer over to one’s personal life, resulting in increased satisfaction in both work and home.

I don’t just have one set of tools to use in our work together. I pull from a broad scope of human development theories and interventions to help you find effective solutions for improving the quality of your life. Keeping your values and goals in sight, I will provide encouragement, support, and give you feedback as you move through the process.

I will keep our sessions focused on your identified goals, helping you to learn powerful and effective skills and methods of reaching your goals. In our sessions I may use persuasion, suggestion, feedback, insight building, challenging, teaching, reading, contracts, homework assignments, questioning, probing, role playing, and modeling – all in a supportive, empathic and non-judgmental manner.

My sessions with each client are uniquely tailored to his or her specific needs and individual style of learning. My goal is to not only help each client achieve the goals mutually decided upon in our sessions, but to also identify strategies for continuing to do so following conclusion of our work together.

Having taught ethics in a medical school, and sat on a hospital ethics committee, I come prepared to incorporate ethics into the problem solving process. Integrity in our values is a key factor to personal satisfaction and success in our endeavors.

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