Below are answers to our clients’ frequently asked questions

Q:How do I purchase your sessions?
A:For services available online, click on one of our service tabs above. Once you find the service that you would like to purchase, you can book it and pay for it from this system.

Q:How do I purchase your products?
A:All available gift cards and book purchases can be accessed though the Online Store tab. Product and gift card availability is always subject to change.

Q:What if I forgot my login?
A:Click on the link in the upper right corner titled: Forgot your login? The system will send an email containing your username and password to the email address that we have saved inside your account.

Q:I created my login, but why can’t I access my account?
A:You will receive an email once your login has been approved. To expedite your login request, you can call us at (244) 244-5100.

Q:How do I update my billing information or personal information?
A:Once again, you must log in. The login field is located in the upper right corner. If you are unable to create a login, please contact Eileen Lenson at (949)244-5100.

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