Is Life Coaching For Me?

It very well may be. In previous generations, the existence of the extended family provided support, encouragement and direction with career decisions, life skills, personal fulfillment, and unexpected challenges. Today’s world is vastly different. It is complex, confusing and complicated, with society being more mobile, support structures are less available. All the while, people are expected to assume more roles in life than in the past.

People are able to identify aspects of their lives that need to be changed, but often cannot successfully make these improvements or modifications on their own.

Life coaching is for you if you find yourself wanting to learn improved communication skills, reduce stress and disorganization, improve life-balance, or gain new skills or knowledge that will help in meeting personal or professional goals.

Many people I have worked with in the past have tried repeatedly to make the desired changes on their own, but reverted back to their old, more familiar ways of doing things in a short period of time. My work as a qualified Life Coach is to keep you focused on your goals and accountable for your actions or in-actions. If your attempts to achieve new goals continue to fail, much like last year’s abandoned New Year’s Resolutions, and if you want to close the gap between where you are now and where you strive to be, then yes, it is time to invest in yourself by working with me as your Life Coach.

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