Succeeding in Private Practice: A Business Guide for Psychotherapists

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Drawing on in-depth interviews, case studies, and lessons learned from her own successful practice, the author thoroughly delineates the wide range of issues that arise in private practice in a step-by-step manner. In Succeeding in Private Practice you will learn what they didn’t teach you in graduate school: how to select and negotiate a lease, set and collect fees, file taxes, and work with managed care. A chapter on marketing your business outlines how to sell your services, develop referrals and brochures, and get free advertising. Ethical concerns such as client contracts, termination of clients, and availability of records are also addressed. Such legal issues as malpractice and charting are examined in detail. Examples of necessary forms for new client intake, billing and collection, client insurance verification, and employee evaluation are provided as well. The author also discusses ways to avoid burnout.

Written in an easy, straightforward style, Succeeding in Private Practice is a must-read for anyone in private practice or contemplating establishing a private practice in psychotherapy.


“. . . this text should be considered by those practitioners contemplating private practice and it should be a book included in the libraries of applied psychology and psychotherapy training organizations.”

–Clinical Psychology Forum

“I find this book to be a very comprehensive primer about how to go about setting up a private practice. Coverage is very inclusive ranging from what kind of furniture to purchase and how to arrange it, to excellent information about how to market the practice, something most practitioners loathe to do.”

–Michèle Harway, California Family Study Center, North Hollywood and coauthor of Battering and Family Therapy

“This is a thorough, complete, and readable discussion of everything a therapist who is considering, starting, or building a private practice would need to know. It contains a wealth of information for which those in the mental health field are poorly trained but badly need to know, as well as many hints that would otherwise take a great deal of time as well as trial and error to discover.”

–Anne H. Seiler, Health Counseling Associates of Columbia

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A must read for anyone contemplating a private practice.