Personal growth

We all say we want personal growth. But how do we achieve it? What does it look like?

Personal growth is the process of being true to yourself. This entails accepting who you are, including strengths and weaknesses, and accepting all these aspects of yourself. This process requires honesty from you. No longer can you hide behind rationalizations, or blame others for behaviors or actions that are attributable to you.

By owning responsibility for these actions, as opposed to placing blame on others, you empower yourself. You see, if you blame others, then you are the victim, which is a powerless position. You remain stuck and at the mercy of others. However, if you are in control of your behaviors, then you have influence over the quality of your life, including marriage, career, health, and finances.

Personal growth means to live authentically and to be true to yourself. We spend our childhood being told to not take risks. Be cautious. Play it safe. Don’t draw attention to yourself. Then we grow up and select careers that keep us safe from being poor, relationships that keep us safe from being alone, hobbies that are safe but without passion, and we find ourselves living a life that is unhappy, unfulfilled, and filled with regret.

Do you have this recurrent, nagging feeling that there could be more to your life? In Life Coaching sessions, we work together to identify what is truly important to you. We identify what the barriers have been in your life to prevent you from acquiring the goals you desire. After we establish agreed upon goals, I then help establish a new way for you to get there. We examine your attempts in the past, which have not worked. Perhaps this was due to self defeating beliefs or behaviors. Or perhaps it was because you did not have the proper environment.

We will identify ways you can develop a network of healthy, nurturing, and caring people. At the same time, I will challenge you to detach yourself from unhealthy or toxic relationships, which prevent you from personal growth. You will learn more about yourself through readings that I provide. You will learn to take growth steps through desensitizing activities I develop for you. I will be there to support and encourage you when you experience resistance to making these changes.

By going through these steps, you will be growing emotionally, intellectually, and developing new skills. These will enable you to discover aspects of your personality that have been dormant. You can develop a new zest for living and embrace new opportunities with excitement. In short, you will be living your life with more integrity because you are being honest and true to yourself. The decisions you make will no longer be habitual, but rather, will be conscious choices, aware of the consequences and owning full responsibility for your life’s direction.

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