Self Empowerment

Self empowerment is about people developing self confidence so that they believe in themselves and have confidence in their own abilities to deal with obstacles, challenges and situations that they encounter in everyday life.

It is not the sad situations we have found ourselves in, or the destructive things that have been done, that impair us. No one on this planet has escaped the wrath of injustice, prejudice or malicious injury. Rather, it is the point at which we have given away our power – the ability to take charge of our own lives – that has created the most damage to us.

Yet people cannot feel empowered if they have low feelings of self worth. To view life from the role of a victim is to strip away all accountability for what happens in one’s life. Without accountability one does not possess the power to make changes.

My work with clients focuses around helping people empower themselves by developing new skills, and enhanced or improved self awareness. We examine unhealthy beliefs and emotions and determine which ones are detrimental. We look at what the impact has been when we gave personal power to others. Through exercises, clients learn to become comfortable making their own choices and being accountable for them.

Through time, people learn how to become more comfortable in their emotional development with accepting their own choices and behaviors, and developing a sense of self-worth. A good sense of self-worth comes from embracing all the qualities that are uniquely you. This includes discarding the judgments and limits previously imposed on one’s behaviors and feelings, and instead feeling free to cherish your distinctive qualities – your feelings, humor, talents, ideas, and spontaneity. In other words, to be self-empowered means to have the courage to become an authentic person; the true you.

Empowerment does not just benefit individuals, but companies as well. Companies can cultivate a work culture that promotes high self-esteem by ensuring the environment is a safe place to take risks. Encouragement of input, problem solving, and creativity fosters a feeling that management values employees. When workers are given increased amounts of responsibility, and are recognized for individual and team successes, productivity is enhanced.

Employers can remove obstacles that are preventing workers from being empowered. But in the end, becoming empowered is an individual’s choice, and if a worker does not like his job, then he may not be motivated to change the direction of his work choices.

As with individuals, workplace empowerment is a process that takes time and commitment. In both cases, however, the end result is greater satisfaction and success, as everyone is not only permitted, but encouraged, to function at their best. Instead of people being limited by the negativity of others, or their own personal perceived shortcomings, they instead show resilience and a determination to persevere and grow.

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