“Eileen’s title, ‘Business & Life Coach’ doesn’t tell the whole story. She has an uncanny ability to uncover gems when she has worked with me and others I have recommended to her. By gems, I mean insights that many others before her have missed. Her 20 years as a psychotherapist might partially describe how she just seems to get me. The gems are only the first part, Eileen knows how to share new ways of looking at an issue that make it easy for me to make a change. It is from the change that the growth happens. Finally, Eileen is passionate about being efficient and effective in her coaching. She gets insights quickly, shares in a way that is easy to hear and then finds very efficient ways to grow. She treats client’s time and money as if it were here own. She is always working herself out of a job which is a refreshing approach, but is also good business as I have recommended her to several others because of her great work. I love to mentor and coach others and I see Eileen as the coaches coach.”

Steve Kinney

Scholar In Residence Retreat Facilitator, 2014 Gratitude In The Workplace

“I am grateful beyond words for your enthusiasm, knowledge and presentation last week. We were touched by your words and they have already, in just four days, translated into a “gratitude” fest. All joking aside, I believe the staff took everything you said to heart. For example, the staff sent the volunteers who covered the office while we were away thank you notes. It transformed the volunteers…they were so thrilled. I received several thank you notes for doing what I did (that was nice).
You have a gentle and yet strong way of presenting ideas that stick. Well done!!!! Your presentation will last for a very long time to come.”

Rabbi Richard Steinberg
Congregation Shir Ha-Ma’alot

“I want to let you know that since our last coaching session I’ve been good. I’m taking care of things; taxes, business plan, and my marriage. Thank you so much for talking to me. I am doing much better. My head is in the game! I think you’re amazing!”

Lauri, Owner
Cookie Fixx
San Luis Obispo, CA

Recently, we had a retreat that centered around team building and cohesion for our staff of 11 at which Eileen was a presenter. Eileen tailor-made a presentation to fit the needs of our small group and the results were amazing to say the least. The content of her presentation was insightful and fascinating, but what really made an impact on our team was her personality. She is authentic and she really cares. Her presentation was very interactive and kept our team captivated. Most importantly, she took her time with our employees and made everyone feel comfortable, which made it easier for the entire team to open up, strengthen our bonds, and build on our cohesion. Our staff is becoming a community through the continued use of the skills Eileen taught us. Eileen was an inspired addition to our staff retreat and we look forward to working with her again in the future. Thank you Eileen!

Beth S., Executive Director
Congregation Shir Ha-Ma’alot
Irvine, CA

“I just wanted to thank you for being a great listener! I didn’t know what exactly I needed to work on in my personal life until we started meeting. I have been able to become a better communicator which has helped me in all aspects of my life. I’m so grateful for all our visits!”

Misty Wilson
Hair Stylist
Newport Beach, CA

“I worked with Eileen Lenson on two different occasions to resolve interpersonal relationship conflict with Board members. In particular, she helped me with communication skills.”

(Name & City withheld by request)

Eileen Lenson has been extremely helpful in my personal and business development, affecting both my performance with co-workers as well as new prospects and clients. Her insight from years of experience has helped me to become aware of issues that needed attention. She helped me to be more present and in the moment, and a better listener. This has allowed me to show more empathy to those around me resulting in stronger relationships. The lessons learned have helped me to become a more effective communicator, especially when under attack. These changes have come over a relatively short period of time, thanks to her guidance. I strongly recommend her for personal development and business coaching.
Steve P

“I wanted to thank you so much for today. I will give you a full recap with the log as we discussed but I just had to pass along the change that I saw TODAY already. My son was so relaxed and happy leaving your office. He was more peaceful than I’ve seen in him a long time. It was beautiful. Then, when we were stuck in traffic driving home, he decided it would be a good time to do some homework since there was nothing else going on…no fuss. He realized he had left his book at Homework Club. He would have melted down 2 hours earlier. Instead, he calmly asked if I could email his teacher and explain. When we got home, he sat down to finish his spelling after dinner. He was singing the entire time. Yes, singing. Not crying. Singing. 🙂 It just about brought me to tears.
Thank you so much. You are a blessing to have found!
One day, I’m coming back to see you myself! I’m not sure what for yet, but you are so wonderful that I have to find a reason to work with you.”

Denise, mother of two
Aliso Viejo, CA

“Having a life coach is like have a person whom you can check in with, who will give you good direction in helping you achieve your goals and dreams in life. When I lost my husband, I also lost the person whom I teamed with, to make sound decisions and plan for future goals. Eileen, my life coach, helped me come up with different goals and then check in periodically to make sure that I stay on track. It helps to have someone who will hold you accountable and basically coach you to improve your life skills, so that you can reach your full potential. I highly recommend a life coach to any person who has gone through a life changing experience, especially death of a spouse or divorce.”

Tory DeArmond
Houston TX

“Eileen Lenson is a kind, friendly and compassionate Life Coach who has an enthusiasm for helping people. In my own experience, I have found Eileen to be the best listener I have ever known. She is great at analyzing any given situation of mine and helping me figure out what steps I should take next. I have a blended family with many complications for every member, yet Eileen seems to always have an intelligent answer that actually helps.
She is honest and forthcoming with her thoughts and I am always certain that she will tell me honestly, confidently and boldly what she thinks about my situation and what I might consider doing. I never have to guess what she is thinking. Her sense of humor is soothing and her voice reassuring. She never comes across as being overbearing. It is a comfort knowing that my Eileen is just an email or a phone call away.
Eileen Lenson is experienced, skilled and well educated in the field of helping others on any level, from serious problems to simple decisions in life. She is qualified and eager to help someone take that next step for a better tomorrow. Eileen is someone you can count on!”

Christian Country Singer
Houston, TX

“I have learned a lot from you this morning. You make it so easy to deal with life. You have a big heart.”

Maxwell Peters
Group Equities Ltd.
Toronto, Ontario

“Eileen professionally worked with me at a time when I was making some life altering decisions — she helped me to clarify the reasons I needed to move forward and realize the expectations and difficulties that I would encounter — I would recommend wholeheartedly her services as a ‘life coach’ and so much more –”

Robert P Kaminsky, MD
Galveston, TX

“Even though my Life Coach and I live over 1,000 miles apart – Eileen is in California, and I am in Texas – I have found our telephone sessions to be extremely successful. Initially, I thought it would be hard to talk to a Life Coach. As a police officer, I am accustomed to being the person people go to for help, rather than visa versa.
Her skills at being able to understand the issues behind what I am saying has been the key to my personal growth. Over the years I have gone to her for help on different life issues – upcoming retirement, blended family, and relationship issues. Eileen has helped me move forward in making and sticking to my decisions. While always honest and supportive, she is consistent in holding me accountable to reaching for my goals. Sometimes the steps I have taken have been small, but they’ve been consistently in the right direction. Even when I have stumbled, she remained supportive and not judgmental.
As a result of working with Eileen as my Life Coach, some aspects of my life are less stressful, my relationship with my wife is more wonderful than the day I married her, and I am clearer about my personal goals for the future.”

Mounted Police Officer
Houston, TX

“I have known Eileen for over 17 years now. We have developed a close relationship that I value highly. Her advice has always been on the mark and helped me through a tough time.
What I have realized over time is that Eileen has an insight beyond the usual suggestions by a “friend”. One definition of “genius” is a person who can point out something to you so simply and directly that you wonder how you did not think of it yourself. I guess that is what I have realized about Eileen’s ability to analyze a situation. Nothing complicated. She has just pure and simple straightforward suggestions to a problem that makes you think that you could have thought of it yourself. But without Eileen’s help, you might not have. And that is what an effective life coach is all about, someone who helps you through the hard times by giving you the ability to utilize your own resources to help you work through the problem.”

Orange County, CA

“Eileen has personally helped myself and my family in many matters, and in each and every instance successfully with invaluable advice. So, I write this from personal experience.
It is easy to compliment Eileen on her skills as a life coach. What is difficult is to choose which of her many skills to write about in a limited forum.
If I had to point to one of her assets I value the most, it would be this: Sometimes the emotionality of a situation prevents you from making the correct or perhaps the best choice or decision. Eileen is able to do two things. First, she helps you through the emotion to see the problem or problems you are facing with clarity and calm. Second, she does not impose a solution but, rather, through suggestions and dialogue helps to solve the problem by virtue of a joint effort with you.
By working out the solution in this manner, the problem is not only solved but you also become empowered with the confidence to continue to make the right choices or decisions in the future. That is the best result one could ever want from a life coach. I could not recommend her more highly.”

Jeffrey S

“Eileen’s insight, ability, and sincere compassion for helping others is simply a part of her make up. Success is a given with her talents, her wisdom, and her heart. Thank you Eileen for your listening ear, your guidance, and your support through significant life events; marriage and career issues, child diagnosis with autism, physical and mental health, spiritual growth, and life in general. You were a Life Coach before the name was invented! I will always be grateful.”

Deborah S.
Office Administrator
Santa Ana, CA

“I was discouraged in the process of looking for full time employment. Eileen helped me focus on job interviewing. She supported me when I discussed my fears and concerns about interviewing and she responded with supportive techniques. Finally, she also helped me address issues in my life that detract me from reaching my personal and professional goals.”

Leanne B.
Beverly Hills, CA

“I always thought I am a very strong person until I had an incident few months ago with a peeping tom case! I was shocked, scared and felt violated; so much that I could not talk with any one or go to work the next day! Besides my personal horrifying trauma I had to deal with insensitive comments of my “family and friends” which multiplied the pain for me!
It was Eileen Lenson and her life coaching skills that helped me out of situation, FAST!
She worked very closely with me to face my fears; speak up and take steps to rectify the situation! I truly believe if it was not because of her kind, caring and professional skills I would had been suffering from the effects of such trauma for a long time! Her quick intervention and close involvement helped me out of a shocking experience and controlled the potential damage to my relationship with my family and friends.
I consider Eileen a true friend who saved me at the most distressed situation. I believe in Eileen Lenson’s expertise and consider her an invaluable coach in any distressed situations in life!”

Irvine, Ca

Sampling of comments from 2012 “Secrets of Successful Communication” seminar, American Institute of Education, Santa Ana, CA:
“It was perfect. Very interesting to listen to her.”

Julie Presler
“Very enthusiastic!” I loved your presentation. Excellent responses to comments and questions.”
“Valuable information.”
“Very, very good lecture. Thanks a lot.”
Johanne Fortier
“The presentation was very informative and eloquently presented.”
Erica Maceda

“A special note of gratitude to Eileen: I think you are an exceptional facilitator for our group. I’m so glad you joined us!”

Debbie, Women’s Group Member, Irvine, CA

Last year, at the end of a meeting I was attending, I spoke with Eileen briefly. I found out she was a life coach, and I noticed immediately that she had a genuine gift of making people feel at home and comfortable around her. I made an appointment as I had many obstacles in my path to building a better life and becoming a better person. I really enjoyed my sessions, but I had come very close to telling her “thanks” for a good effort but was going to quit and take the path of least resistance . Lucky for me, with her encouragement I followed through on some of her advice and was rewarded with a new outlook and another fresh start. For reasons too personal to include in this testimonial, I can’t say everything that she helped me with, but Eileen Lenson has truly helped me see my life in a brighter light, and guided me from going further down a path of self destruction.

H. W.
Equine Dentist to 2015 Triple Crown American Pharoah
Newport Beach, CA

Selected Comments From 2011 Staff Training on Successful Communication
“Thanks for your time and sharing your knowledge.”

Shane Herholtz, General Manager
“I personally felt it was helpful and necessary, especially in the hotel business. It would be nice if La Quinta did this at least every 3 to 6 months.”
Anonymous employee
“Thank you for this excellent presentation. I need more meetings like this. You are a really good person for this. Thanks.
Lucia Arma

“As Executive Director of Build Futures, I am dedicated to helping the homeless youth of Orange County. Eileen Lenson stepped up and volunteered her professional services as a Life Coach. She provided individual coaching sessions for a young man who had been on the streets for the previous 5 years. Eileen coordinated her activities with me, and worked to help give this client the tools to prevent a lifetime of homelessness. It has been a pleasure working with another professional who shares my passion for helping the homeless overcome the barriers to living a successful life.”

Katherine Tillotson
Build Futures Executive Director

“Kudos to Eileen Lenson! Eileen and I have had phone sessions over the last several months. She has helped me in more ways then one could know. Digging me out of the rut of fear professionally and helping me gain perspective, enabling me to see things I normally would have looked at in a very different way, in turn enabling me to work through my issues and being able to control my own destiny.
Eileen has also helped me with everyday life’s issues and I now have a better grasp on how to handle different situations both professionally and personally.
Don’t be skeptical about seeking a life coach, Eileen will help you.”

Alan L.
Realtor, New York City

“Devastated, Delighted or Doubtful: How Parents Can Manage the Transition to Empty Nesting”
“Eileen knew that within our community, there was a need for people to share their life experiences. The session she conducted to help parents prepare for the empty nest was at once insightful, emotional and funny. Eileen created a safe space for everyone to learn and share. The conversation continued into the parking lot…and beyond!”

Rabbi Leah Lewis, The Jaffe Family Associate Rabbinic Chair
Congregation Shir Ha Ma’alot
Irvine, California

“Eileen is a topnotch business coach! In my time working with her, she has exceeded my expectations. Her willingness to “go the extra mile” has helped me to restore a relationship as we work through challenging issues. Her vast knowledge of interpersonal relationships is clear as she advises and challenges me to improve the quality of my relationships. Her supportive coaching is built on strengths to which she adds valuable insight which impact my relationships immediately. Her focus on understanding expectations and appropriate boundaries while communicating effectively has given me the tools to grow healthier relationships both professionally and personally. Thank you, Eileen!”

Jill Y., Manager Partner

Life Coaching Testimonial

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Business Coaching Testimonial

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