What is life coaching ?

Simply put, Life and Business Coaching is a process that helps bring out the best in individuals and families. Coaching consists of a relationship between a trained professional and client. It helps the client identify what he or she wants to learn, change or solve – be it with oneself or others – and how to achieve these changes.
Through listening, observing, and developing an effective plan, a professional Life Coach helps one maintain the impetus to work through barriers when striving for improved results in your personal or business life. The Life and Business Coach, using the client’s creativity and skills, helps the client achieve his or her goals by keeping the agenda in focus.

Many people, from college students, to Olympic athletes, to CEOs, have found the tools for creating more success and happiness in their lives through Life and Business Coaching.

What life Coaching is Not

Psychotherapy – Life and Business Coaching is not synonymous with psychotherapy. While both coaching and psychotherapy can change perspectives or attitudes resulting from negative past experiences, coaching is not for people who are experiencing an unstable emotional crises. Psychotherapy focuses on healing painful experiences from the past, providing diagnoses on mental disorders, analysis, and interpretation. Life Coaches support already healthy people who wish to develop aspects of their lives. Life and Business Coaching focuses on learning from the past, and using one’s values and goals to obtain balance and achievement for the present and future.

Consultant – Typically found in the business setting, a specific purpose is usually sought. Consultants differ from Life and Business Coaches in that they give advice so that an individual may make the best decisions. Improvement in one’s performance, rather than developing new skills, is the goal of the consultant.

Friend – Friends offer a personal and subjective rather than professional relationship. Friends give you advice, whereas Life and Business Coaches help you find the answers within yourself, so that you can realize your goals and dreams.

Mentor – A mentor is usually a trusted teacher or guide who has a level of expertise related to that which another person is attempting to learn. With mentoring, the focus is on support provided over a long period of time.

While coaching contains some aspects of mentoring, a coach may not have any direct knowledge or experience in the specific field. As your Life and Business Coach, I am oriented towards actively directing you to specific goals, am continually assessing the progress made, and will be giving feedback regarding the skills and behaviors you need in order to achieve these identified changes.

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