Why Life Coaching Works

Making desired changes by oneself is difficult. The motivation for change often does not last long enough for you to follow through – it can be interrupted by fear, distraction, or barriers of which we are not aware. People have the tendency to avoid the uncertainty of change and to keep the status quo. While there may be a certain level of comfort in living with this restrictive behavior, limited or no opportunity for growth occurs in the long term. If you don’t address your dissatisfactions, the cost to your marriage, relationships, career and self-esteem can be significant.

Life Coaches are hired for different and diverse reasons. Virtually every aspect of personal development that an individual may wish to address can be worked on. Some clients want a sounding board, while others seek help in redirecting their careers. Others want to improve relationships with family, or learn parenting skills.

Regardless of the area in your life in which you wish to improve, once you decide to make the desired changes, I will help you determine what skills or actions you will need to achieve your goals. This is accomplished through exploration, reflection, and with you, the client, finding the answers.

You will find success with me as your Life and Business Coach because when you come upon the all-too-familiar barriers that stand in the way of personal growth, I will supportively help raise your awareness of yourself and how your thoughts, beliefs or actions influence your decisions. Coaching is about getting the very best out of someone and enabling them to make decisions that will improve their life. The coaching sessions with me are confidential, goal oriented, and relatively short term in duration.

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